Unique Corporate Retreat Ideas in Devon

11/02/17 / SEO Admin

Childish Corporate Retreat Ideas to Make Your Workforce Feel Young at Heart

We don’t want Huntsham Court to be associated with boring Corporate Retreats! That’s why we want to offer you different retreat ideas for different businesses; we believe every event should be different, every occasion unique and all visits to be memorable for being a truly special couple of days.

We’ve come up with a fun list of unique corporate retreat ideas your workplace could be doing at Huntsham Court for an unforgettable time taking you back to childhood. Mix up the boring talks and overdone activities, these ideas are easily scheduled in-between general relaxing.

Indoor Fun

  • Pass the Parcel – the ultimate children’s party game, but that’s the point. It may be awkward to start with, but relax the team with music and encourage conversation, and then watch as the competition grows as the layers rip.
  • Hide and Seek – it’s a mansion with 30 odd bedrooms, many nooks and plenty of hiding spaces, you’d be crazy not to have some silly hide and seek hunts. Play it as teams to remember faces and names.
  • Baking Gingerbread Men – we said these ideas would be childish, but let’s be honest, we all secretly love the idea of baking and eating gingerbread men! It’s simple, effective, and with our grand kitchen it’s easy to arrange.
  • Musical Chairs – we’re sure that by doing musical chairs you’ll bring out the true colours of people as they fight over the last seat. Plus with our grand rooms there is plenty of space to make the circle as big as need be.
  • Silly Races – we can name a few off the top of our heads; egg and spoon, leapfrog races, 3 legged races! We’ve got the room, why not extend them around the house and into the grounds?
  • Beer Pong – come on, even if you don’t drink alcohol, this has got to be great fun for the evenings!

Outside Fun

  • Capture the flag – eternal glory to the team that brings the flag home!
  • Bubble Football – we’ve all seen it on social media, people running around with inflatable bubbles on them, bouncing off each other and having a laugh. Throw in a football, a couple of goals, and enjoy the pain-free fun!
  • Welly Wanging – not just fun to say (hide that smirk!) but also great fun to do. A bucket of wellies, some targets, your made up scoring system and maybe a trophy to the person who can wang their welly the furthest, you’ve got an afternoon of entertainment right there!
  • School Sports Day – remember the good old days when sport consisted of throwing brightly coloured bean bags into hoops on the ground, crawling through tunnels, skipping double dutch and playing with parachutes and running under them? Wouldn’t that be fun to do as an adult? It’s your corporate retreat at Huntsham Court, we can arrange this for you!

We’ll leave the ideas there and round up by saying that you really can do anything you like at Huntsham Court. There are no restrictions, so if you want your work place to enjoy some very childish games and activities we can help you arrange this during a two-day event.

For our full retreat facilities visit our website, and where you take it from there is up to you. To bounce further ideas around or to ask us questions on a Huntsham Court retreat, send us a message via Facebook or Twitter.