Welcome to The FEAST Project

1/02/17 / SEO Admin

F.E.A.S.T stands for Finding Excellence Around a Shared Table – and that’s exactly what you’ll do when partaking in this project, in partnership with Huntsham Court.

The F.E.A.S.T Project provides a unique and powerful opportunity to strengthen teams through self-discovery, and with the help of professional coaches, private chefs, restaurant gurus and local farms, you re-discover the long lost feeling of earning a well deserved meal – by finding, catching, preparing, and eating all your own food in the build up to a fantastic group meal at the end.

What makes this such a great corporate retreat for your company?

Well it’s not with every event that you get to spend time in such a magical property such as Huntsham Court, before being let loose with colleagues to bring food on the table. Teams can fly-fish, forage, shoot (clay), butcher, prepare and present food and ingredients to the chef, all taken from the land. The experience may push participants outside comfort zones, with the activities designed to test survival skills and uncover the basic hunter and gatherer in us all.

Take the chance to learn new outdoor skills and embrace nature as co-workers bond during activities and share a table at the end, knowing they all contributed. The coaches encourage participants to work as a team for the greater good, because come rain or shine, everyone has to eat at the end of the day.

This is not your normal corporate retreat, this is the opportunity to turn a 35 bedroom house into your home for a brief period. This is not standard team bonding games, this is the opportunity to do new things as one group – producing the same result; food on the table. And this is the chance to go all out with your retreat, as we have no corkage fees and the house is yours – visit our corporate website to see all that is available at the court to add some extra magic to a corporate Devon retreat.

We have a dedicated F.E.A.S.T Project page on our website, which you can view here for more details: http://huntshamcourt.co.uk/feastproject

If you think this sounds worthwhile, don’t hesitate to contact the Huntsham team. You can visit our Facebook page and Twitter account to contact us there, or use our email address: enquiries@huntshamcourt.co.uk.